Love is an effective method of stress

You know that love gives a person not only wings, but also makes health more strong. There are special studies that show that lovers almost do not pay attention to stress. They have no time to engage in these stupid things. To strengthen immunity and accelerate recovery, you need to fall in love. The state of love was considered related to light madness. A person in this state can be capable of not entirely adequate actions.

New York psychologists even conducted research, which showed that rather not madness is inherent in lovers. This condition is closer to taking the dose of cocaine. Participants in the experiment were heard photos with objects of their love.  At this time, certain parts of the brain produced an increased amount of dopamine. This is a hormone that is responsible for pleasure and motivation. Intimacy also gives rise to its development. Another hormone – oxytocin increases with emotional proximity.

Oxytocin leads to a decrease in the blood level in the blood of stress hormones. The more oxytocin in the body, the less pain, the more the pressure normalizes. From love, a person becomes happier, kinder. These feelings prolong his life. The lover smiles more often, rejoices in life. It is easier to communicate with these people. They have other people faster.  A lover is more in the air, moves more, he tries to say goodbye to bad habits. You see, love is not only great, it is also useful.

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