How to plan pregnancy correctly: gynecologist tips

The question of female planning of pregnancy has long been familiar and only improve. But recently, due to the tendency of equal rights of sexes, more and more men want to be closer not only to the process of pregnancy and childbirth, but also the process of pregnancy planning.

Conception is an important point for parents. And if about what and how to do a woman to prepare for this moment has long been known, then as for men, this is not yet a fully studied area.

The main thing for a man in preparing for pregnancy is the desire of the future baby and moral readiness. This is already followed by more formal events. First of all, it is necessary to be completely examined by doctors. And one of them must be a urologist. If the doctor gives any advice and recommendations, you need to adhere to them. .

But good tests are far from all measures to prepare a man for conception. . And if the man did not do this until the moment of planning, then in 3-4 months it is worth actively doing this. To strengthen the overall state of immunity will help a comprehensive technique of vitamins. It can be either healthy fresh food or vitamins themselves. Particular attention should be paid to folic acid.

Naturally, if you want a healthy baby, you should abandon all bad habits. Even small doses of alcohol, nicotine or drugs are able to influence the mental and physical health of the future child. In addition, men should remember that nicotine can lead to infertility and cause a violation of the work of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract of the fetus. Doctors recommend completely getting rid of bad habits, but if for some reason it is not possible, then you should refuse at least three months-until the moment of conception.

Do not forget that sedentary work and passive rest affects male health, but as a result of his ability to conceive. It is worth paying special attention and clothes. . It is this that can make the husband’s barren or inactive spermatozoa.

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