A variety of jam recipes: which one to choose

Summer is a time that many bona fide hostesses devote a variety of goodies for the winter. The lion’s share is made up of various jams, jam, jams, confitures and sugared berries.

In fact, in winter, when fresh berries and fruits are very expensive, and they do not reach the summer relatives in quality, I want to plunge into the aromas of a warm and affectionate summer and eat a spoon of homemade jam.

There are many recipes of jam – every housewife knows her tricks and ways to close a piece of summer. But the basis of any jam is sugar, preserving fruits and emphasizing their sweetness.

When preparing jam, it is worth remembering that the more sugar, the less the fruit boiling time should be. You can do without the latter at all – having grunted fruits with sugar and placing everything in glass. Such jam is stored in the refrigerator all winter. In this way, it is good to store raspberries and blackberries.

Apples and pears are great for cooking jam or jam. But what to do when I want to completely keep fruit without sugar? First of all, it is necessary to boil them properly – if possible – in your own juice. To do this, you need to choose only ripe fruits, cut them into small pieces and bring them over low heat to softening. You can add quite a bit of water. You need to lay out such jam hot in sterilized jars and cover with hot nylon lids. Such a jam is stored for a very long time, delighting his miraculous taste and aroma for the whole family.

There are original jam recipes. For example, from zucchini. The base – zucchini – is mixed with lemon and sugar, giving jam piquant fresh taste. Such jam is incredibly useful and suitable as a dietary product.

From fruits you can also make mashed potatoes. With or without sugar – you decide. But by processing it with high temperature, you can not worry about the safety of the product – it will be suitable for use for several months. 

How to store jam correctly? This seemingly simple question in practice puts many housewives in bewilderment. Fresh jam must be clogged hot, but, cooled, store in a cool place. The cellar, which is not in every apartment, is perfect for these purposes. In the apartment, you can use a refrigerator or mezzanine, but in this case the shelf life of jam may be reduced.

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