Disneyland in Paris, what is the features

It’s difficult to relax with young children, with older children – even more difficult. Sitting a “attached” vesting not with their hands, but parents also want to … relax. What to do? Right. We need to look for places so that beach parental vacation is diluted with children’s entertainment. Fortunately, almost every country offers a wide range of children’s fun, which will be interesting and fascinating for parents. Europe offers an exciting set for every taste.

Disneyland in Paris is the dream of many children, and adults too. Disney cartoons often look and love both large and small. Give a fairy tale to your child, plunge into the atmosphere of a festive show and adventure. 55 attractions. Sleeping beauty castle – Disneyland’s heart. For boys – the limit of dreams of pirate ships and an island of adventure, Robinson refuge in the branches of a tree, meetings with cowboys and Indians, parades and light fireworks. For girls, more romantic attractions of Snow White and Gnomes, Peter Pen, Labyrinth Alice, the journey of Pinocchio, singing children of different countries, in search of Nemo are interesting ..

German Park Park Park near the town of Rust is one of the best in Europe. The child will receive a sea of ​​pleasure by visiting 11 thematic “countries” of the park. The world of Vikings and African jungle, rafting among the Scandinavian fjords and Greek slides of Poseidon, German vintage car and unpredictable Spanish slides “Columbus Boats”. Cheaper, and there are fewer queues than in Disneyland. And I have impressions …

Spanish Salou is interesting to its entertainment park Port Aventh. The general territory includes a water park, good, the sea is nearby. . Recreation areas and colorful entertainment shows – Mediterranean and Wild West, Mexico, China, Cesam, Polynesia – unique to their color and fantastic attractions for every taste.

Italian Rimini is represented by Mirabilandia entertainment Park. 40 amusements of the park are different in categories: for children, for everyone, beach, extreme. High -speed descents and climbs, American and Russian slides, animations. The exciting world of speed and extreme, good special shows with the participation of Disney Heroes. You can buy your emotional photo of a hidden camera on memory for memory on all attractions.

If the child loves to build, collect designers, explore. Then the direct road leads to Denmark to the Legoland Park in the town of Billund. 8 thematic zones and attractions in the style of the Lego designer on an area of ​​100,000 m2. Miniland and the world hollow, the city of LEGAROCE and the Earth of the Pirates, the world of adventure and the world of imagination, the city of Lego and the Kingdom of the Knights. This is where you can participate in the construction of the castle together.

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