How to behave on a first date: what to take into account

The first date is an event that girls have very high hopes. Indeed, at this stage, a lot is being decided. You have already attracted the object of your interest in your appearance, but the further fate of your relationship – whether they will receive development or will end with the only date – is decided right now and depends on how correctly you behave. Some simple tips will help to succeed.

On the first date it is not customary to be late. .

. Be friendly, smile, laugh at the jokes of your companion (just don’t overdo it).

Enjoy communication, but at the same time be restrained enough. Do not strive to immediately demonstrate your bright sexuality or unusually high intelligence. Even if in the last period not everything in your life is smooth, do not bring down a heap of your problems on the interlocutor, otherwise you risk scaring him.

If you were invited to a restaurant or another public place, be polite to the service personnel.

When communicating with a man, demonstrate a sincere interest in what he tells about himself, ask questions, insert comments on the topic, tell similar cases from your own experience (only in no case do not interrupt it and do not try to take the initiative of conversations for yourself). Be condescending if you see that the man is nervous: most likely, this indicates that he experiences severe sympathy for you.

On personal topics during the first date, it is recommended to talk with caution. . Talk about yourself in general terms: what you are doing, what you are fond of, what you like. .

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