Lubressak – a unique miniature town of village

These wonderful miniature villages are rightfully included in the list of beautiful villages in France.

The beauty of the EZ on the Cote d’Azur was more than once turned out to be a “apple of discord”. Rising above the sea at the height of some … 427 m, like a outlandish flowering garden or nesting unknown bird.

In 600 g. BC.e. The Ligur tribe founded the settlement here. And in I in.n.e. The Romans built a fortress in this wonderful place. And they called her Ez, by the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. In the 10th century, EZ is part of the Provence and unique in its appearance of picturesque streets and stone buildings. She was also the estates of the Dukes of the Savoy. She survived the struggle for her possessions from Prince Monaco and King Francis I. Many disputes and conflicts. And how not to fight for such beauty! And in the middle of the XIX in. began to finally belong to France.

The most remarkable and ancient structure of the Ez is the Church of the Holy Cross (beginning of XIV in.). The Italian architect Spinelli is the author of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (XVIII in.). The top of the mountain, where Ez is located, is crowned by a wonderful park of exotic plants with dominant bizarre cacti.

A narrow path connecting the old part of the village with the sea is called the Nietzsche path. The famous philosopher loved to walk here. Who knows … It can be inspired precisely by the beauty of the landscapes and the calmness of the Ez, Georges Sand wrote her novels ..

Lubressak-Gorodok-Derevenka in the province of Dordon. 450 km from Paris. Against the background of the river valleys and the majestic mountains of the central massif, it looks especially picturesque.

Above the village rises the estate of the barons de Lubressak (XV in.). The central square is drowned in greenery and hides a squat church of the 19th century. The structure was restored during the Renaissance, and (pink!) Marble lions inside the church surprise and delight with their exoticism.

Red Village-Column-la-Rug in the Limuzen region. She really … red-kicennaya with narrow streets and 25 miniature turrets. Rather, it resembles a decoration than residential buildings. Local residents, only 426 people, but they are hospitable for 600-800 thousand tourists annually! There is something to see here.

The old church of XII in. – Amazing architectural miracle. Marshal Turenna’s tribal plane estate towering above the red colon. Sirena House and Bona House, Mansion Zhulio (XVI in.). The surrounding ancient estates of Bveryi and Voynak (XIV st.). Unique old man, romantic sophistication.

No wonder the French outback is a source of inspiration and a shelter for creative research by writers, artists, photographers, giving new ideas for new masterpieces.

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