How to competently adhere to a healthy lifestyle

. But here to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as a rule, is given with great difficulty, but still planning pregnancy makes us radically change our lifestyle. After all, every expectant mother understands that the health of her future baby is completely dependent on her health and well -being.  .

Many women, planning a pregnancy, first of all go on a diet, explaining this by the fact that during pregnancy they will have a good weight in weight and now you need to urgently lose weight. . And in the diet, you need to include such products that will give the body everything necessary, and not vice versa, will exhaust it.

The first thing to take into account the future mothers is protein. It is it that should be 40%of the total diet, since the protein is, in turn, the building material for all cells of the body.  Therefore, in order to soon build the healthy and beautiful body of your baby, we switch to foods such as white poultry meat, you can pork and beef, but low -fat varieties, chicken egg, but only protein, as well as cottage cheese and seafood. . But fats make up 20% of the calorie content of the diet, but the remaining 40%, these are carbohydrates. It is better to choose fruits among them, but you can also some vegetables, cereals, pasta products.


Now another point that is definitely worth considering is the naturalness of the food. . D.) Of course, such substances will not cause special harm to health, but this is how they will affect the health of the future baby, so it’s better not to take risks.

Also, future parents are not recommended to drink water from the tap, since tap water may contain elements such as lead, mercury, nitrates, phenols and chlorological compounds. As a rule, many of them have mutagenic formations and can cause great harm to the health of the future baby. But daily, future parents should drink 2-2.5 liters of pure water, this will not only positively affect the quality of the seed fluid, but also on the work of the whole organism as a whole.

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