What exercises should be done to a newborn child


Put the child on the back and then turn it on the tummy. You need to do this exercise several times. Then complicate the task. From the position of lying on the back. Carefully turn the baby on the side with your own hands. Stop precisely at the moment when the baby is lying on his side, wait a while. The kid himself will be able to continue moving and turn over on the tummy. Control so that the child does not lean back on the back. Work out the movement in both directions – in the left and in the right.

Show the baby in the same way how to roll from the stomach to his back. It is very good if the child turns to mom during the performance of this exercise. Then the action for the baby acquires meaning.

When the child is in your arms, try to diversify his position. Change his poses and during wakefulness in the crib. .

Take a toy that produces sounds and shake it over the child, translating it, then left, then right. Encourage him to look for a sound source.

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