What you need to know about the trip by your own transport

If you decide to make a trip to Europe on your vehicle, then, first of all, check your car insurance, its technical serviceability, the correspondence of rubber to the season. And, of course, you need to get acquainted with the rules of the road and their features of the country where you will be.

In Finland, anti -radars are prohibited, tinting glasses, fuel import of more than 20 liters. In winter, studded rubber is required. But in Poland it is prohibited. 

If you enter Australia, then a special brand confirming payment for the use of national roads should be pasted on the windshield.

In Italy, it is necessary to have reflective vests that must be worn if a passenger or driver leaves for car repair.

All these nuances are constantly changing. So you must see before the trip you need to get acquainted with the rules for each country.

Of course, the trip in your car is convenient, but everything is quite dangerous. What to do if you still have been in an emergency situation abroad?

Well, here the schemes are approximately the same.

First of all, find out in advance the numbers of the police, ambulance. They must be called a rhinest. In these services, as a rule, people who know English are sitting, but the fact that those who came to the scene will know him unlikely.

The owner of the car with which you got in an emergency, you need to find out the number of the insurance policy and the coordinates of the company that issued it.

Carefully photograph even minor damage. These pictures will require an insurance company to establish the degree of damage.

For further proceedings, it is better to immediately find witnesses and take their coordinates.

In any case, it is always worth remembering that the emergency situation is only your problem and how the bitter experience of many drivers teaches, you only need to rely on yourself.

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