What is the Safran plant: features

For Buddhists, saffron is a sacred flower. This is a medicinal plant, used more as a spice, used to treat many diseases. . Safran contains vitamins B1 and B2, carotene, calcium, potassium and nitrogenous substances.

 Bacteriacid components in the infusion of saffron allow it to be used to treat conjunctivitis and purulent wounds. In gynecology, this sacred flower was also used. The problems of the menstrual cycle and the elimination of pain helps to eliminate the tincture of saffron. To prepare such an infusion, one teaspoon is a stigmatic spoon of a saffron flower plus boiling water. The composition is insisted for 15-20 minutes and filtered through the folded gauze in 2-3 layers. Take this treatment remedy before meals one tablespoon three times a day.

The most remarkable quality of this medicinal plant is that saffron is the most effective antidepressant in the plant world. By adding this spice, to daily consumed dishes, you can improve your well -being without making any special efforts. Safran is a very expensive spice. For its manufacture, it is required to manually collect 200 thousand flowers. A barely perceptible delicate aroma can add a special flavor to any dish.


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