Solonchak Uyuni amazing salty dry lake

This lake is a dry salt lake, which is located in the southern part of the desert plain, which is called altiplano at an altitude of approximately 3.5 thousand meters above the level of sea water.

The area of ​​this, so to speak, is approximately 10582 square kilometers and is almost the largest salt marsh around the world. Speaking more specifically, this lake is located in the city called Uyuni, which is located in the vicinity of Oruro, as well as Potosi

The main materials of this lake are Galit and GIPS. The inside of this salt marshes is covered by a rather thick layer of table salt (its thickness is approximately eight meters). During the rains, this salt marsh is covered with a water film, at these moments, Uyuni becomes the most beautiful and large lake around the world.

It is worth noting that about 40 thousand years ago this area was part of the lake called Minchin. After the lake dries, the lakes have time left, which have survived to this day: Lake Uru-Uru and Lake Poopo, and several more sufficiently large salt marshes: Salar de Coopas and, accordingly, Uyuni.

The total area of ​​Uyuni is 25 times the size of a dried lake Bonneville, which is located in America.

According to experts, Solonchak called Uyuni contains just a huge amount of salt reserves, which make up about ten billion tons. 25 thousand tons of salt are mined every year in this region. Due to its plane and a fairly reliable surface, salt marshmallow is the main terrestrial transport message in the altiplan.

In this region, tourism develops quickly enough, due to this, the local population gradually build amazing hotels from special blocks made of salt. In such hotels you can easily spend the night. It should be noted that almost annually, several types of South American flamingos gather in this salt marshmallow.

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