Seychelle Islands feel like a Robinson Cruise

If you are tired of a noisy crowd in traditional resorts, if you want to enjoy white sand and sea alone, so to speak, feel like a robinson on a desert island? You have a great opportunity to go to the Paradise of the Seychelles and spend your vacation with maximum comfort.

This archipelago consists of 115 islands, 35 of them are a granite basis. The rest of the islands are presented in the form of coral atolls. The main island of the Seychelles archipelago is the island of MaE, which houses the capital Victoria. There are also an orchid and botanical garden, as well as the largest reserve of the country. The architecture of hotels and houses on the islands is maximally combined with a natural landscape – low structures complement fantastic types of islands.

This is just a unique place where everyone can find something their own. For lovers of rest on the beaches, all conditions are created here, there are snow -white sand and pure sea water. For adventurers, the opportunity to find pirate treasures or a sunken old ship will be presented. Gurmans will be able to taste exotic delicacies from a mixture of Indian, English and French kitchens.

Ecotourists will be able to enjoy hiking around the territory of natural reserves, for example, through the forest of Val Du May, this is the only place on our planet, where the Coco de-De-Der palm trees grow, whose age is up to 1000 years. Shopping lovers and art connoisseurs will be able to be pleased with the abundance of local souvenirs – carved products made of wood and paintings by local artists.

Various types of outdoor activities are widely represented on the islands. In addition to traditional sailing, underwater swimming and windsurfing, you can do underwater fishing or paralagling. And traditional fishing can provide a lot of impressions.

Here everything is aimed at ensuring that the rest is unique. For travelers – amazing nature and sandy secluded beaches, each of which is simply unique in its beauty. Only on these islands can you feel an individual approach, an impression appears as if this place was created specifically for you. At the same time, as soon as you get tired of loneliness, you may well plunge into the friendly atmosphere of the local population. It is worth visiting this paradise, at least once in your life.

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