How to teach a child to drink tasteless and bitter medicines

How to explain to the child that this is a bitter and tasteless medicine must be eaten?

First, try to distract the baby with interesting stories, cartoons, books. Often, carried away by something, the child automatically opens his mouth, without hesitation, that a bitter medicine can be in the spoon.

Try to turn the process of treatment into a game. Come up with evil monsters who need to be neutralized with this particular tablet, or the unfortunate princess who desperately needs an “Eleksir of courage”.

You can go to the trick and dilute the medicine with something sweet, however, you need to do this carefully so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

Nothing helped? Let’s try differently:

– Insert a spoon with the medicine between the teeth and the cheek. Turn the spoon over, and the child’s mouth will open yourself.

– Squeeze your child’s nose. Sooner or later, he will open his mouth to breathe – and you are here – pour the medicine.

– You should not give the baby the next dose of the medicine if he has just spit out part of it, since an overdose is possible.

-If you give the child tablets, grind them to the powder so that the baby does not choke. Next, mix the tablet with thick jam or honey – the delicious!

And most importantly: in no case do not shout at the baby, otherwise he can seriously and for a long time be afraid of any treatment process!

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