How to educate children aged 2-4 years: Features

This period of education is difficult enough for parents. Often it is at this age that children are capricious, experiencing a crisis of the formation of their "I", Do not want to be obedient. What to do to parents with upbringing at this moment? Be patient and follow some of our tips.

Be understanding parents, explain to the child that it is necessary or to do it, but from his position, like a friend, so that he feels that you are on his side. It is necessary to establish rules so that the child understands that he is also a member of the family and he has his responsibilities. Remember that good behavior is worthy of encouragement as bad – punishment. Keep both of these factors in balance. Pay the child’s attention to what he behaves well, and support him in this. Be restrained, think about why the child behaves like this, try to analyze his behavior, and do not react immediately emotionally, it will only quarrel you even more. Use what you can not prohibit, but replace. So if your child wants to eat sweet in front of the soup, do not rush to say his word "it is forbidden", say that he can do it later, after a soup, for example. Leave the child the right to choose, in clothes, fairy tales before bedtime and friend, so he will not go against your will, but try to choose himself – in this case, the whims can be avoided. Let him begin to control himself, let him know that his good behavior depends only on him alone, the punishment should not intimidate the child, cause the desire to behave well.

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