Advantages and benefits of fitness during pregnancy

Nowadays, most doctors say that fitness before childbirth for pregnant women is not only harmful, but even useful. Naturally, everything should be in moderation. So, what should there be training during pregnancy?

First of all, to which future mothers should pay attention to – this is with what intensity will workouts take place. Remember that the intensity should be moderate. During pregnancy, the pulse in women is also increased, and if you add intense physical activity to this, then the fetus will react instantly by increasing 10-30 more beats per minute. This is dangerous for both a woman and for a child, so you should be very careful. The intensity of training also affects the flow of blood to the muscles, with an increased rhythm for muscles, more blood is necessary, and, therefore, the deficiency affects the internal organs. They, in turn, lose the required amount of oxygen tolerated blood.

Fitness classes before childbirth must be controlled. Remember that training should not cause a heart rate more than 125 beats per minute. And the load should not be longer than half an hour. It is necessary to relax between the sets, do not forget that if you suddenly feel malaise, dizziness or shortness of breath, weakness or pulling pain in the lower abdomen, immediately stop training. All unusual sensations that may arise during training can be unsafe, when they appear, consult your doctor. 

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