Introductory Facts about the amazing country of Thailand

Thailand is famous for her wonderful sea, but as it turned out and not only them. Thai massage produces an excellent effect. Such therapy is famous for its excellent impact on a person, it has been formed for more than one millennium. The Thai massage also influenced the cultures of India and China.

There is such a story that one doctor treated the Indian king in this way, and this happened more than two thousand years ago. And he showed a very good impact on the health of this king. There is a whole chain for Thai massage. And not everything is as simple as it seems.

You can go to Thailand, and evaluate all the charms of such a massage, but now it can be done in many countries, in special places (spa centers).

During such a procedure, almost all acupressure points are affected. There are certain energy lines in the human body, and with a similar procedure ten such lines are affected. All these lines are associated with different human organs. So when these lines are affected, you can touch on the human organs, thereby healing them. 

. During Thai massage, the masseur affects the energy points of the person. Such work can be considered art. And if you still turn on pleasant music, then the action will increase at least twice. Of course, prices for such a procedure are very different, it all depends on the specialist and on the cabin in which you do this massage. Even in the most expensive salon, you can not get the desired result. But in the most ordinary you can get an unforgettable pleasure.

In Thailand there is a monastery called Uat PHO, it is believed that it was in it that Thai massage arose. But even in it you may not get the pleasures of which you expected, because everything is designed for tourists and all traditions and rules are hidden very far and deep, because they are not for showing. So if you want to get true pleasure from Thai massage, it is better to go to the smallest salon. .

So what is the secret of Thai massage? . . And thus Thai massage improves human well -being, making it more energetic and fresh.

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