Subtleties and important nuances of raising children of different revival


. . And how often do we hear the phrase “give in, it is still small”, “you are already big, give it to the youngest” and t.D.

The youngest also gets: they bother the older things, play with their toys; they are compared with a brother or sister about and without it. .

Of course, even experienced teachers will not be able to educate the younger and senior on equal terms. But you need to avoid situations when one of the children feels infringed. So what can not be done?

You can not leave the youngest child without alternations. . .

Do not give the youngest to the same circles as the eldest, motivating this that the elder will look after the younger. After all, the interests of children can be completely different. Well, if they coincide, but it is better to first consult with small family members.

In the direction of comparison! Or at least do not voice them with children. Do not set as an example of the elder. . In addition, he can begin to hate an older brother or sister. And it will not be easy to cope with this in the future.

. .

. He wants your love and care. Because often parents spend all their strength and positive emotions on the younger. . The younger one needs to be taught to appreciate and obey the senior.

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