How the girl is restored after childbirth

After childbirth, the menstrual cycle is an equally urgent issue of recovery. Many women are concerned about the question that menstruation began either sooner or later after childbirth. A certain installation of gynecologists suggests that the lack of menstruation during breastfeeding is normal, but some consider the opposite for truthful information. Such statistics are justified by the fact that at present breastfeeding is provided only for half a year or year.

It happens when a mother is not able to feed the baby even during this time due to the lack of milk in her chest. Such changes are associated with excessive use of hormonal drugs or contraceptive. It is this action that is one of the reasons for the absence of a sufficient amount of milk in the chest of a nursing mother. Therefore, doctors do not recommend using contraceptive drugs often, but pine treasury hormonal. This can also affect the restoration of the menstrual cycle after childbirth.

As you know, during pregnancy in a woman’s body, different shifts occur, which are characterized not only by hormonal character, but also by other factors. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to taking contraceptive tablets before pregnancy or various hormonal drugs. A hormone that often affects the disruptions of the menstrual cycle has a side effect on the postpartum state of the woman. .

Despite this, menstruation in the opinion of women can pass well, but at the same time have some complications ..  Women who do not breastfeed from the very beginning may appear monthly and during the first month after childbirth.

The restoration of menstruation depends on the restoration of the hormonal background of the woman. Therefore, the more thoroughly to watch it before pregnancy and after, the less chance of having problems with the menstrual cycle after childbirth. The speed of restoration of the hormonal background depends on the duration of breastfeeding.

The recovery time of the menstrual cycle can last from two to three months. That is, regular menstruation may not go immediately, it takes time as with the first menstruation in a girl. 

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