What time of the year is the best way to travel

The world has a huge number of amazing countries and cities that I really want to visit. However, the emotions and impressions that you receive from the trip will largely depend on the time of the year that you choose. So, let’s look at where it is best to ride during a season.


In winter, snow -covered Western European cities look unusually beautiful. .

Ski lovers should go to Alps or Carpathians.


. . . .


At this time of the year, many go on trips to Europe. However, know that even the most romantic cities of this continent – Paris and Rome – are very hot and dusty in the summer. Therefore, their visit to this period is unlikely to leave a favorable impression. The decision to go to the sea coast will be much more successful – to the same Italy or France, to Greece, Spain, to the Black Sea.


. The trees are still covered with foliage, but there is no such scorching heat as in the summer. Another important positive factor is the absence of a large number of tourists, since the most popular vacation season is already ending. .


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