Sydney today is the coast of the Sydney Bay

Many consider it the capital of Australia. Modern metropolis on the coast. A city where the irresistibility of old houses built in the Mediterranean style and the beauty of skyscrapers in the Art Nouveau style came together together. Sydney. Capital, but not Australia, but the state of New South Wales.

Sydney today is the coast of the Sydney Baying, the 3 bays of the Port Jackson Bay and the Botanical Bay of the Bay. Soft subtropical climate, azure surface of the ocean. The most famous beaches of Manley, Bondi, Newtown. Storm Night Club Life.

The city historical and cultural center is the Harbor of Sydney. The symbol and the main attraction is the expressionist building of the opera House. An amazing architectural structure, known throughout the world, has the appearance of a ship trying to expand its sails. Another symbol-the arched bridge Harbor-Bridge-“hanger”, so jokingly called it. A grandiose structure weighs more than 50 thousand tons, has a length of 1149 m and a width of 49 m, the structures are interconnected 6 million. rivets. The traditional meeting of the New Year and the festive pyrotechnic show of fireworks on the Harbor bridge come to see millions of tourists.

The ancient English settlement of Rox and the Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the “museum” district of Darling Harbor, the Victorian style of the elite regions of Wullar and Dabble Bay, the Sydney TV tank.

Katumba National Park -Reserve (Blue Mountains “) is the world’s largest zoo in the world. Amazingly picturesque rocky mountains shine in the rays of the sun with blue-blue light, refracting the color of essential eucalyptus oils. Wonderful waterfalls and stalactite caves, canyons and lakes. World of Wildlife, Endemic Plants.

The “Grape” park Hunter Welly is the famous land of the best vineyards and wines of the region. Royal Botanical Garden and Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Sydney is also the largest economic, educational and cultural center of Australia.

Art Gallery, Australian Museum of Science, Automobile Museum with a rare collection of cars. Museums of astronomy, science, justice and police, the Sydney Aquarium and the Marine Museum. And finally, the restaurant sensor is 325-meter height.

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