Rules for raising a child in the family: what to take into account

Every woman in the world at least once imagined herself a mother. To be a mother is not a simple task, but very, very difficult.  On the fragile shoulders of an ordinary woman, a big responsibility for the baby. Now she needs to make important decisions that will subsequently give one or another result.

One of the main elements of education is so that the baby grows obedient. When the baby grows not obedient, this leads to problems not only at home, but also in nurseries, kindergarten, school.  And the worst thing is that with age this problem only grows, and in the end, the child does not distinguish the concepts of “can” and “impossible”.

First of all, you need to observe the sequence when educating. . That is, both today and tomorrow and always. 

It is important to know that children do not react at all to anger. .

Children always take an example from their parents.  .  . You need to be a good example for your child, and this is already a job and on yourself.

Promotion is not a small contribution to the education of the child. If the baby behaved well, it should be encouraged by praise. Mom can say that her baby is the best and that she is very proud of him.

You can also find a compromise with a child using remuneration. Offer the baby a gift for good behavior: toy, candy, book. But if a child behaves well only for the sake of a gift, this is not a sign of obedience.

Children are constantly trying to find out what they are allowed to do and what is not.  Because of this, they all the time violate the rules established by their parents. This leads to poor behavior. In order for such moments to take place as little as possible, a reasonable punishment should be set for the child. But the punishment should not be intimidation. It is necessary that the child clearly understands that he will pay for misconduct.

But the most important thing is in any situation to always be close to his baby, to help him cope with all the problems that he has, to fight with his fears. And not just to be parents, but to be the best mom and dad in the world. And believe that everything will work together!

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