What are inflammation: how to treat

Inflammation is diseases that are most often found in women. Inflammation can be both external genitalia and internal.  External genital diseases are vulvit, bartolinite, vaginitis. Diseases of the pelvis include inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis), uterine inflammation (endometritis), pipe inflammation (salpingitis), inflammation of the ovaries, appendages and many other organs of the pelvis.

Almost all inflammations are infectious. Inflammation is the body’s response to the invasion of various microorganisms, infections, and inflammation occurs when cells damage. Blood bodies and cells that are responsible for immunity enter into the fight against these factors.

Most often, inflammation is manifested by abdominal pain, discharge and swelling of various limbs. Inflammation in women can be either chronic or acute. Acute, usually manifested by sharp and acute symptoms – sharp pains, fever and many other reactions of the body.

Chronic diseases often arise after acute, but they can also begin a chronic character. After acute, chronic diseases occur as a result of not complete treatment. Chronic diseases rarely have symptoms, or they are weakly expressed. In the chronic course of the disease, there are rarely or completely absence pain in the abdomen, bleeding or menstrual irregularities.

Inflammatory diseases often lead to impaired reproductive function. Severe stages of diseases can lead to a adhesion of the fallopian tubes, which in turn threatens infertility.

Inflammatory diseases often occur as a result of the penetration of pathogenic organisms through the vagina of silt through the blood. If the body has these microorganisms, then they can at any time reach the genitals and activate inflammation.

Inflammation occurs as a result of infections that are transmitted sexually, as a result, non -hygiene, when the spiral is established, as a result of infectious diseases such as caries, sinusitis, etc., As a result of injuries, abortion, with reduced immunity, as well as as a result of other factors.

Many women with inflammatory diseases also suffer from kidney and bladder diseases.

Treat the disease comprehensively. First you need to eliminate the infection. This stage takes place using antibiotics. Further, it is necessary to normalize immunity. Physiotherapy is also necessary. As a result of serious diseases, surgical intervention is necessary.

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