What is the essence of frosting products: how to competently perform


. Of course, there are less vitamins in them than in fresh, but more than in canned products. The process of freezing, however, causes physical and chemical changes, they reduce the quality of the product. . This is especially important because neither preparation for freezing or the process does not make food sterile. After thawing, they will spoil faster than fresh, so they must be used immediately after defrosting.

. The air is harmful to them, it oxidizes them, and pairs from products are condensed in the freezer and worsen storage conditions.

Freezing to freeze better fruits. . They are packaged according to plastic bags, cardboard boxes lined with cellophane or molds, and then freezed. Before freezing, you can pour the berries with sugar, you can freeze without packaging, spreading fruits in one layer on a plate.

Before eating, fruits are neatly poured out and left until completely thawed at room temperature, however, you can simply pour them with hot syrup. Use such fruits for desserts and for juice. Of these, wonderful jam or jam, compote is obtained. . .

. Povir are packaged in plastic cups or glass jars (but remember that the bank can burst when you get it out of the freezer). Then the container is hermetically closed and frozen. . Mashed potatoes are used only after thawing to prepare a dessert or as a raw material for jam and marmalade.

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