Pearl diet: what is, features

The name of the croup gave the word “pearl”. So in Rus’ called pearls. This porridge is unusually good if it is prepared correctly, and the diet with its help can take off a kilogram of excess weight per day. But we must remember that the first two days the weight will decrease due to the withdrawal of toxins, and only then the body will begin to get rid of fat reserves.  We will give you several options, and you will choose the most you like.

The first rather harsh way will take you five days. Eat exclusively porridge cooked on the water. Oil and salt should not be there. Mineral water, green tea, herbal decoctions are available to you from drinks.

The second option is more surprising, so it lasts a week. For breakfast you are relied by pearl barley porridge, in which add soar prunes or grated green apple. For lunch, weld lean porridge and make a vegetable salad where you can add up to one hundred grams of fish or meat. Drinks are the same – mineral water, green tea.  Have dinner with one hundred grams of low -fat cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.

The third option is usually used, without leaving the workplace. . You can add no spices, but sweet and sour fruits or vegetables. The main thing is that the process of losing weight brings you pleasure.

The barley is cooked for a long time. Before cooking it is soaked for ten hours. Two hundred grams of cereals you will need two to three glasses. Pre -soaked croup is cooked for thirty minutes. After turning off the fire, the pan must be wrapped. Porridge is ready, we wish you a pleasant appetite.

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