In the child: what do you need to know how to do it correctly

In the life of each baby, there comes a moment when he is not enough for his mother’s milk to be full development. And here it is very important to correctly introduce complementary foods in order to supplement the child’s diet with necessary vitamin and nutrients. Regardless of the many advice of mothers, girlfriends, Internet forums, always focus only on the baby’s reaction to a particular product. The difference in complementary foods for different children can be in one to two months.

Fruit puree feeds begins. Green and yellow apples are best suited. A little later to the apple you can add a little pumpkin or zucchini.

Starting from 5 months, begin to offer the child porridge, but only from one cereal, without oil. In a month you can add a little oil and try to give a mixture of cereals.

From 6-7 months, start giving vegetable puree. If the child refuses to eat, do not force, otherwise you will call a negative attitude to a particular vegetable. At the same time, you can try to give the child cottage cheese and kefir.

From 8 months, add cookies to cottage cheese, and a little bread to vegetable puree. Also feed with low -fat meat – beef or chicken

From 10 months, give the child low -fat broths and a little yolk.

If an intolerance to any product-exclude it from the baby’s diet for at least a month. In addition, accustom your child to the usual schedule: for lunch broth, and in a afternoon snack cottage cheese with cookies, and not vice versa!

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