The diet of a young mother: how to competently compose

If a young mother correctly grows her diet, this will avoid excess weight and more so become energetic. It is not a secret to anyone that after childbirth it is quite possible that a woman can throw a little extra pounds a little. And here the problem is not only breastfeeding. Of course, this process helps gaining excess weight. But there are often such cases when there is no breastfeeding, but the woman is still recovering. How to explain this phenomenon? Everything is extremely simple. The body of women has known the stressful state that is trying to reassure itself with food. Standard scheme. . Whether hormones are the reason for everything? Or do you make an error in eating.

In this case, experts recommend starting a diary in which you will write down such moments: 1) everything that you eat to the smallest details, up to a spoonful of eaten children’s puree; 2) food eating time. The ideal time between meals should be three to five hours; 3) sleep time. After all, a well -known fact is that lack of sleep causes the production of hormone hormone. You must balance your diet in such a way as to lose weight and at the same time do not deprive the child who is on breastfeeding. Here you need the help of a nutritionist, because it will be difficult to cope yourself, and besides there is a risk that you will do something wrong that you can damage both you and the baby.

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