Bizarre and unusual monuments around the world

Human fantasy has no boundaries and finds its expression in paintings and in music, in design and architecture, and of course in … petrified sculptures. Sometimes it is worth visiting some countries to see the exotic masterpieces of human hands, and … come up with something like that.

Bizarre and strange, at first glance, are full of monuments around the world. But the palm of the championship on unusual artifacts and creativity, perhaps, should be given to Belgium, and at the same time to visit here, contemplating the unique “fruits” of creative research with a certain connotation.

Symbolic “mannequin Pis”. The world -famous fountain “Pissing Boy”. Bronze sculpture (61 cm) without hesitation lets a stream into a marble bowl. According to legend, the baby saved Brussels from the invaders, extinguishing the burning wick of explosives. It is clear how. There is also a life -size mongrel pissing on the sidewalk, raising the hind paw.

Atomium – a monument to the iron molecule, increased about 165 million times, weighing 2400 tons and 102 m high with a scientific exposition inside the hollow balls.

Something huge and three-year-old is waiting in the square in front of the opera in Brussels. In fact, it turned out to be a symbol of the fact that the wisdom and culture of the ancestors collapse under the yoke of a modern consumer society. This is an 8-meter sculpture of three legs on the head of the Buddha of the famous Chinese sculptor.

Extravagant Bronze Man Grown to Paul. In the expression, he does not lose hope of getting out at all. Monument to the dog who chews the sleeve of his master. The running policeman is enough by the leg, leaning out of the hatch. For what? .

Strange scarf slying from the blow of the wind. The purpose of this creative impulse can only guess. A holey metal structure with incomprehensible circles, probably for lovers of a non -standard “hole” tanning.

Massive “iron” “The abduction of Europe”. “Zeus, Leda, Prometheus and Pegasus visit Bruges” – funny and unusual.

The Fountain Gallery represents … one of the masterpieces, possibly focused by the glory of the mannequin, casts a waterfall from the back of a humanized toad, similar to ichtyandra, which vigorously walks into the void in a web of a web of a spapander. And this fountain … just fell.. No, he is quite acting … just … Aunty wanted to lie down, why not?

A luminous man-lamp, kissing figures in masks. Monuments to the saxophone, a gun tied to the knot. A woman-bell, a sad and battered bear in full size …

You can also see the Swedish cow in a spacesuit, or a gallushka planted on a fork in Canada (obviously Ukrainian version), a gigantic clothespin of Philadelphia or the sculpture of the thumb in the hand in the suburbs of Paris. But this is another story, and other countries ..

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