Damage to smoking: which manufacturers do not talk about, what you need to know

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. Not only doctors recommend trying to abandon this habit. Nicotine affects the entire body, one of the harmful consequences of smoking is early wrinkles and yellow complexion. We offer a couple of tips for skin care for a smoking woman.

Since smoking dehydrates the body, try to drink a glass of water without gas after each cigarette. If you drink coffee or tea during smoking, then drink two more glasses. Try to use a moisturizing cream or serum every day. And do not forget to make a moisturizing mask every week every week.

Smoking is the reason for an increase in free radicals. They affect the aging process, accelerating it. To neutralize these substances, include vitamins with antioxidants in your diet, and you should not forget about cosmetics with them. .

Try to make a cleansing mask using clay several times a week. This is an excellent means of removing toxins from the body.

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