What are the temperature convulsions of the child

Temperature convulsions can occur in a child due to high temperature, and vomiting can also be added to them. In order not to get confused and avoid panic, in this article we will tell you how to deal with them.

. . It is assumed that they are caused by the rise in high temperature. And although the symptoms are so frightening, do not worry much, because most often they are not dangerous.

Prevention. If you have already encountered once with such convulsions, you should know how to bring down the temperature. If you notice that your child has a temperature, wrap his lower legs or wipe it with a little warm water. If you have already encountered more than once with such convulsions, stock up on the antipyretic that the doctor must prescribe.

. . Eyes at this moment can roll or just look at one point. . . Syinyness of the skin may appear.

. First, keep calm. . It is better to put on something soft and remove all solid items to protect it from injuries. If the attack lasts more than 15 minutes, you need to take the child to the hospital.

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