Is it worth going to Peru that you can see interesting

Peru, a small country located in the west of South America, occupies an area of ​​about 1, 2 million. sq. km, the population is 29 million. Human. Has two state languages ​​- Spanish and Guarani. Peru is a republic.

Tourism is one of the main revenues of the budget of this country. The country is diverse for its attractions, a rich culture, natural monuments and architectural structures.

Lima-derelitsa Peru, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the banks of the Rimak River, near the foot of. The climate in this area of ​​the country is moderate with warm air, no more than 25 degrees, the warmest month-February, the coldest August. Vegetation consists mainly of shrubs and cacti. The architecture of the city is a mixture of eras, Spanish and Indian styles, the combination of which is called Creole. There are several buildings of the unique Mudehar style in Lima.

Among the museums, the Museum of National History, the Museum of the Republic, the National Museum of Anthropolia and Archeology, the Vice-Korolevism museum should be distinguished, which contains samples of the unique furniture of the colonial era. The capital is also rich in all kinds of educational institutions, such as the world famous University of San Markos.

The most famous theater of Per-Municipal Theater, in which all kinds of concerts of world celebrities are also held.

 But the most attractive and interesting for tourists was excursions to archaeological monuments, which are about 10,000 according to approximate data.

One of the most interesting places is the oldest city of Karakal, which is located in the Soup Valley, 200 kilometers from the capital of Lima.  Like arakal, he was discovered in the middle of the last century by an archaeologist by the Kosoku field. Judging by the finds in the territory of this ancient city, he was prosperous even when the construction of the pyramids was just beginning in Egypt. It was a peaceful city, without weapons and any evidence of hostilities, it was assumed that the inhabitants of this city were engaged only in trade and lived for their own pleasure, as evidenced by such finds as flutes, and other musical instruments.

Another significant attraction of this country is the ancient sandy city of Chang-chan, whose history still remains a mystery to archaeologists and historians studying the oldest civilization of Chima.

It is impossible not to mention the pearl of the historical pen-the affected city of Inca –Machu-picchu. The temple of three windows, the oldest observatory, the Tsarist Group complex is an incomplete list of attractions of this unique ancient city. The beauty of landscapes in the uniqueness in which this city is located can only be compared with its mysterious history, the emergence and disappearance.

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