What attracts the Colombia of tourists what to see

Colombia is located in the north-west of South America. Capital Bagota. Area a little more than 1 million. sq. km.The population is 42 million. Human.  The state language is Spanish.

It is believed that it was on the territory of this country that the first travelers from Europe led by Christopher Columbus landed. From here comes the name of this state.

The equatorial and subequatorial climate prevails on the territory of Columbia. But the coast is saturated with warmer air than mountainous areas.

Manga forests prevail on the coast, the Pacific lowland is characterized by its evergreen vegetation, and the northeast consists of a savannah.

Colombia is characterized by large ethnic and cultural variety.

The baguette was founded by the Spanish colonialists in the area where there was the center of the ancient civilization of Chibc Indians. The historical center of Bogota is a chain of narrow streets. Many architects of the 17-19 centuries have been preserved in the city. The main square is adorned by the Cathedral in the style of classicism of Place Bolivar. In the Baroque style, another cathedral-decorating the capital is built-Church San Ingonassio. Interest is also of national Capitol, and the monument to Simon Bolivar-First President Columbia.

Here are the main museums of Colombia. Of great interest is the Archaeological Museum, the Gold Museum, the Museum of Ancient Inca, the National Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

Bogota is distinguished by its richest cultural and scientific activity. There are universities such as Colombian Academy and National University, the National Conservatory and the National Symphony Orchestra are also based on the territory.

There is a unique botanical garden in the city. On the territory of which many exotic plants are represented.

The most important event of the country is the annual battles of bulls, collecting more than 150 thousand spectators.

Of course, the pearl of Colombia is the wonderful city of Medelin. This city is surrounded by beautiful hills and chic estates. And it is believed that the most beautiful girls of South America live in this city.

Of particular interest is the “lost city” of Colombia, the modern name of the Syuda-Perid. Currently, it is the ruins of the ancient city of the Indians of the Aruko and Kogi tribes. The descendants of the ancient Indian tribes hid this city for a long time, believing that the city is inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors and keeps them from all kinds of troubles and misfortunes. And only at the end of the last century he was accidentally discovered by Colombian archaeologists. It’s not so easy to get to the city. In order to get there, you need to walk 50 km and cross several rivers, but this does not stop lovers of secrets and ancient history.

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