What factors to pay attention to when choosing shoes

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Good shoes have the right center of gravity, not very heavy, has a rounded sole, a slightly rounded sock. Your individual center of gravity depends on the features of the foot, weight, gait, posture.

When choosing shoes, make sure that the sole is not smooth or slippery. What the cover models look like in the cover may not be suitable for access to a restaurant, traveling in transport, going to work. If the purchase has already been made, contact the shoe workshop, where rubber plate will be glued to shoes. Check the strength shoes. To do this, put it on a flat surface and solder it in the place between the nose and heel: the sole should not sag.

A good platform does not weight a gait. Heavy shoes make a woman similar to herons, which pound weights were fanned at her feet. Go around the store in shoes, stretch your legs forward and hold in this position for a few seconds: the sensation of severity should not be.

Please note: the platform in height is most of the rise height. In shoes with a heel of 11 cm, the platform has a height of about 5 cm. Do not choose shoes with a high wedge and thin sole. You can check the stability of the heel by standing on one leg so that the weight of the whole body moves to one heel. Start staggering and losing balance? Rather, take off your shoes! The heel is necessarily located in the center of the heel – and not otherwise.

When choosing shoes, pay attention to your own gait, since much depends on it. So, sore joints, scoliosis, stooped shoulders are not the best indicators for the acquisition of heeled shoes. How to find out if your gait is stable? Measure the distance between the feet while walking. It should not exceed two centimeters. To make the gait stable, you need to perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles, their stretching. Stretching will help to overcome the pain while walking, make you more persistent, and the gait is beautiful and smooth.

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