Fairy -tale mysterious and amazing Prague

Prague – the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. It is also called a “golden hail” or “a hundred of a hundred spiers”. UNESCO included him in the list of world heritage sites.

Fascinating and fairy -tale Prague, as it were, consists of several completely unlike each other cities.  And the most unusual of them is the old city, it is in this part of the city that you can find the most outstanding cultural, architectural monuments and sights.  Even those who have never come to Prague know about such places as a city town hall, a Carlovy bridge, a Tynsk temple, an old square. Even a short walk around the old city is fraught with many discoveries. Here are houses-museums, and frescoes and sculptures. Here is a mixture of various architectural styles and eras.

Grad residents are a area where the most unusual attractions and the most picturesque views are collected. During a leisurely walk, you can see ancient castles, monasteries and palaces, and numerous beer, cafes, restaurants with national cuisine, the richest choice of coffee, and, of course, famous Czech beer, are waiting for the tired traveler.

Those who fall into the small country immediately fall under its charm. This part of the city stores the history of the development of both Poland itself and Czech dynasties, as evidenced by numerous churches, churches and castles of different historical eras.

The new place has quite a modern look, but here there are tourists to see. Here you can familiarize yourself with the history of Emperor Charles IV, who made a huge contribution to the heating and development of the country. Tourists still love this part of Prague for the abundance of concert and exhibition halls, restaurants and shops.

Vsevgrad is another Prague district, which uses special attention among fans of art. It is here that the Vsevograd cemetery “Slavin” is bubbled, where famous writers, composers, scientists and poets are buried. But lovers of thrills are waiting for casemate.

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