Golden rule to preserve beauty

The truth is “Do not be born beautiful”. . Psychologists argue that grooming is a way to manifest respect for people around you.

Oddly enough, it is not necessary to spend sky -high sums on the appearance. The main thing is the systematic and regularity of cosmetic procedures. After all, only in fairy tales, Cinderella turns into a beautiful princess by a wave of a magic wand. The rules below will help you in the development of “beauty habits”

1. Cleanliness above all! . Piling should be carried out once or twice a week. Do not rub yourself with anti -cellulite cream every day. It is enough to use a coffee scrub with cinnamon and salt twice a week.

2. Support clear lines. . It should be removed the hair that has grown above or under the eyebrows, adjust the length of the nails.

3. Of course, the new hair color will refresh you, but the danger in themselves is fraught with roots growing after a while. .

4. Smoothness and smoothness again. There should not be extra hair. They need to be removed: hair removal, depilation, laser removal, ordinary machine, in the end. The skin of a woman in all places should be delicate and smooth.

5. Shine – do not shine. Do not allow the brilliance and lingering of the skin. But remember that overdrying is also harmful to the skin of the face. With hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, you should contact a cosmetologist or dermatologist that will help get rid of the problem and choose the right cosmetics.

6. Do not forget about the nails. They should be neat both on the hands and on the legs at any time of the year. Nail shape needs to be treated, the cuticle is removed. Fresh manicure until the varnish holds. If chips appeared on one of the nails, it is better to remove it from all nails. Reproaching one nail or, even worse, painting, will not give a positive result.

 7. Many companies that are engaged in the production of cosmetics produce a line of cosmetics with one aroma (soap, shower gel, deodorant). Well, if the perfumes are combined with other cosmetics. Otherwise it may turn out a cocktail due to incompatible aromas. It is better, of course, to choose cosmetics with neutral smells.

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