Hands are the main decoration of any woman

Hands are one of the main jewelry of a woman, which should always be in order and beautiful look. .

. They must be dense in their texture. . . .


. When it dries, pour a darker varnish on the plastic and with the help of a small piece of the sponge, treat the nails, trying to create as a smooth transition as possible.

Wait again to dry the varnish and similarly apply on your nails the darkest in tone varnish.

. To make the manicure look as neat as possible, try to use a new piece of sponge for each nail. When applying the third layer, foil will come in handy.

There is also the so-called express version of the gradient manicure: for its implementation, just apply three rows of varnish to a piece of sponge and then press it to each nail, slightly moving to the base for creating smooth boundaries.



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