What is gastronomic tourism

Гастрономический туризм является путешествием по городам, государствам и даже целым континентам с целью ознакомления с кулинарными обычаями того или иного места, особенностями национальной кухни той или иной страны, а также с целью отведать какой-либо продукт или национальное блюдо, которое можно отыскать только в определенном place. Some people under gastronomic tourism understand a journey, during which the traveler simply enjoys different delimitations of cooking. But this statement is not completely true.

Gastronomic tourism is a carefully prepared journey, during which the traveler does not just get acquainted with the national cuisine, he studies its history, nuances and various subtleties. Since it is food that can tell a lot about the people. This journey can be divided conditionally into two categories: urban tourism and the so -called “green”.

In the first version, this is, for the most part, hiking on local restaurants that national dishes offer their visitors. In most cases, the traveler tries to visit restaurants in which famous cooks work. In this case, the emphasis is often placed on the subtleties of the unusual combination of various, seemingly absolutely unrelated products.

In the second case, the journey passes through the villages and villages to try home kitchen, which is prepared by the hands of indigenous people. The traveler can even participate in the process of cooking from beginning to end, starting with the collection of products and ending with the removal of the finished dish from the stove.

Some tourists prefer a type of travel that is based on the study of only one product, for example, cheese. For this, the traveler goes to the best cheese sodels of France or Holland, he will try Mozarella in Italy or Suluguni in Georgia. It is in this way that you can get acquainted with all the nuances of the production of any product, as well as study the whole variety of smells and tastes.

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