Is it possible to decorate the interior of the living room with your own hands

For many, decorating the interior of the living room seems to be a difficult task, but the decorators claim the opposite and offer several spectacular and simple solutions for your home. With their help, your living room will become a unique.

The decoration of the living room walls can be in various ways, the main thing is that the features of the room allow you to realize all the wishes and preferences.

One of the options for decorating walls with posters or paintings. Sometimes one picture is enough to transform interior solution. Designers offer to choose plain walls for placing paintings in which they look more harmonious.

You can replace painting with a selection of photos. Placed by picturesque groups on the walls in the same frames or a pasparte will look great. A collage enclosed in a large frame will also be able to decorate the living room.

The presence of a mirror in the living room is not a necessity, but can turn into an original decor element. The main rule in this case, the placement of the mirror so that the light reflected by it falls on the darkest area of ​​the living room. The location of the mirror is directly opposite the doors and windows.

The next excellent solution of the living room decor can be the placement of a variety of shelves. Decorative accessories and all kinds of souvenirs will be perfectly placed on the shelves and decorate the interior of the living room. And the backlighting of the shelves will allow focus on the most worthy exhibits of the collection.

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