What can and cannot be done during pregnancy

Each expectant mother tries to eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle. In this position, every pregnant woman understands that she needs fresh air, good mood, increased attention. But very often, both friends and their own mothers constantly repeat what is possible and what cannot be done. Naturally, you can get all the answers from your doctor and thereby give a qualified fight back to all “well -wishers”. Well, if your doctor did not say something or mentioned something, then the following recommendations will help you decide on your freedom of movement and nutrition.

 What is allowed during pregnancy?

 – The use of cosmetics. But it should be remembered that the body cosmetics should be for pregnant women, and the face cream should not contain hydrocortisone, benzoil of peroxide and vitamin A.

– Sex. With normal pregnancy, intimacy is normal up to the 9th month.

– Swimming or aquaerobika is recommended. Again, the loads and time of classes are better to know from the doctor.

– No matter how trite it sounds, you can also cut your hair and sleep on your back.

 -You can consume wine until the last trimester, but only in small doses. Remember that alcohol can adversely affect the development of the fetus.

– If you want to drink beer, then let it be non -alcoholic.

– Naturally you can drink natural juices and even kvass.

But remember that it is better to give your preference to pure water than unnatural drinks.   

What is prohibited during pregnancy?

– They say that it is impossible to show a child during the first forty days. He can be jinxed. However, this phenomenon has a very real medical explanation. In the house where he spends the first days of his life, the child formed his own microflora, and its violation, guests, can lead to various diseases of the child.

– Sitting pose in which the Ode leg is prohibited on another. Just like lying on the stomach.

– It is necessary to stop walking in heels. This significantly increases the load on the spine, from which the center of gravity is shifted. As a result, after childbirth, you will have to go correctly. For that, walking in heels, especially in the late months, may not be safe.

– The use of the following drugs is prohibited: trimetadin, retinoids, chinin, talidomide, methyltestosterone, aminopterin, progestin.

– The effects of sunlight should be significantly reduced, if possible, to exclude a visit to a solarium, bathhouse, etc.D.



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