What is the useful bath after a working day

. . Only three or four drops of your favorite aromatic oil you have enough to mix with st. spoon of olive, almond or sesame oil and add this consistency to the bath.  It is worth noting that the cream of any purpose is best to apply before bedtime, after you took a shower, well, or a bath. Ведь известным фактом является то, что именно во время сна Ваш организм полностью расслаблен, при этом поры кожи открываются и крем имеет беспрепятственный доступ к ее проникновению, потому как во время бодрствования кожа выполнят блокировочную функцию от ультрафиолетовых лучей, токсинов и тем самым закрывает доступ и useful substances.

To strengthen the susceptibility of the skin even more before applying, do peeling.  . If you prefer wax hair removal, then you should know that this procedure is also best carried out after water procedures before going to the kingdom of Morpheus.  . .

The well -known fact is that before sleep, it is necessary to wash away the makeup without fail. . It is possible to use masks for deep cleansing. After cleaning, we use our favorite cream, which must be a note “night”. . In no case do not save on a night action tool – this is the most effective time to treat and restore the skin.

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