How to continue to live after an abortion: what to take into account

Not only the church, but also medicine is an opponent of abortion. The position of doctors is quite simple and clear, because because of this “procedure” serious complications are possible, directly related to the health of the woman as a whole. In turn, the church says that abortion is a murder, and this cannot, will not affect the psyche of a woman.

It is known that the woman’s body is already changing from the first minutes of fertilization. She herself does not in any way feel these changes, which cannot be said about the thyroid gland, since she immediately begins to rebuild in a new way. Further, these insidious hormones come into effect, which cause the disease of schizophrenia and other mental ailments. Of course, you should not blame all the blame precisely on hormones, because our brain is quite complicated, and from a part of an inexplicable organ. And with every minute in the body, women begin to occur inexplicable and interesting processes that affect physical and psychological feelings. As a rule, an abortion is carried out after a short period, but it can pass for six weeks, it’s scary to think about what could have happened during this time.

There are situations that the need for abortion occurs due to medical instructions, and not at their own request. In this case, the situation is even more aggravated. After all, abortion is a termination of pregnancy, which is carried out in various ways, but in any case, it is a difficult operation. This process occurs sharply and quickly, as a result of which the body begins to resist any external intervention. Вполне возможно, что по истечению первых дней женщина может и не заметить никаких изменений, но стоит подождать еще некоторое количество дней и она начинает осознавать, что же сделала на самом деле, да и организм, осознав, что внутри него уже нет плода, также начинает reverse perestroika in the “old” mode. And here again does not do without, already mentioned, hormones. And the surge of these substances, as a rule, leads to deep depression.

. Also, often, in the soul of a woman, devastation occurs. In any case, it is worth noting that such a phenomenon as an abortion does not pass without a trace, but leaves its imprint on a woman’s psyche for life. .

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