How can you disturb during the decree: Methods

Decree – difficult time for an active woman. The baby has already grown a little and can run, studying the world around him with his little hands. All household chores have been done, you have already worked out for sports. And you have free minutes that I would like to do a useful business, and specifically, to make money. Smart

I am a self -respecting mommy, even during the decree, will look for methods of self -realization, and money is not superfluous.

We have selected for you 5 ways to work during the decree.


Hend-Mide classes are pleasant and useful.

If you do not know how to draw and sculpt from clay, I have never tried to create something with your hands – do not despair. You just need to find the lesson that you like. And the choice in front of you is large: knitting, felt, embroidery, polymer clay, decor and design, decoupage, cut and sewing, soft toys, author’s doll and much more. Watch video tutorials and articles on the Internet, try it and you will definitely succeed.

You can sell products on social networks, on various sites about hand-made, participate in exhibitions.


Flower growing is a great way to get away from home problems. There will always be a lot of oxygen in the house, which is good for the child. You can sell fresh flowers or create compositions and bouquets. Make bouquets to order – very beautiful and profitable.

Freelance journalism

Try to pick up a pen, start with small texts. Write a lot every day, and gradually you will take possession of the word. You can write texts in any free time.


Creation and promotion of blogs – now popular type of earnings. This is not difficult if you study the issue before starting the case. Literate the literature, decide on the theme, and go! If you succeed well, then you can earn on it and after the decree.

Network marketing

This type of earnings is simply created for a young mother. You go out for a walk with the baby – take a few catalogs with you to the stroller. There, next to the sandbox, you will find your customers. The main thing is even in the smallest part -time job – a serious approach.

Cosmetic procedures

If you do not have a child yet, then take care of this type of activity in advance. Go to depilation courses, for example. When the baby is born, score a hand in friends and friends, hang an ad on Slando and other free portals, and wait for customers home.

The birth of a child changes a woman. Be an active, purposeful and self -sufficient lady or passive housewife with a remote control in your hand? Who will you decide only to you.

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