Signs of the appearance of thrush in a woman: how to treat

Women’s thrush is accompanied by watery and creamy-white vaginal discharge. In addition, a sick woman is worried about redness, itching or even pain around the vaginal appearance. . And although the thrush does not harm the vagina and the uterus, you should not leave it unattended. You should know that this infectious disease is caused by the propagation of yeast fungi.

. The woman’s immune system, together with useful bacteria, does not allow the growth of these fungi. However, when favorable conditions appear, multiplying, the fungi invade the vagina and cause unpleasant symptoms.

Yeast fungi love wet, warm, without access to the air of the body. So the vagina is an ideal place for their reproduction. . Most of women once in her life did not escape infection with thrush. . But there are factors that can increase the likelihood of women’s thrush. Weak immunity, diabetes, pregnancy – these are some factors that weaken the body’s protection from thrush. This also includes the intake of antibiotics.

To diagnose the disease, it is enough to know typical symptoms and signs. But only a doctor will establish an accurate diagnosis, since the cause of the discharge may be another disease. The doctor may take samples of discharge for analysis in order to accurately determine their cause.

Most often, candles or creams are used to treat thrush. . Candles include antifungal drugs. If for some reason you are not tired of candles, you can try an antifungal cream that must be applied to the skin around the vagina. This procedure should be repeated for several days, especially if you suffer from itching. Medications can be purchased at a pharmacy by or without a prescription.

There are practically no side effects. These means can be used during pregnancy. . The first is taken once a day, the second – twice. The doctor prescribes medicines, but fluconazole is sold without a prescription. These drugs also very rarely give a side effect.

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