What should you see in Venezuela how to plan a trip

Venezuela, a country located in the basin of the Caribbean, the area of ​​the territory is about 920 thousand. sq. km with a population of 27 million. Human. State language – Spanish.

Venezuela offers an extraordinary rest of all kinds of species, a beautiful nature and an interesting story, saturated with legends about the life of conquistadors and pirates.

This country is a unique reserve consisting of many national parks rich in rare representatives of flora and fauna. Tropical forests, lakes and unique waterfalls attract and delight lovers of outdoor activities.

Colorful beaches and bays located in the most popular resorts, such as cold and Carabob. Diving and sea fishing on the ocean boat are also proposed here. Also, for lovers of active marine recreation types, such sports as windsurfing and kaiteserfing are offered.

The best time for relaxation is winter and spring months.

The capital of Venezuela, Karakas, is located in the picturesque mountain valley of the Caribbean, at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. The city has the right network of streets and squares. In the architecture of the city, modern architectural buildings of the European type prevail. The center is located in the center, built in the 17th century, the Cathedral of the Holy Rosa and the Church of St. Francis, inlaid by a rich altar, are also interesting and unique.

 In the middle of the last century, the Karakas business center was equipped, which is famous for its business and public buildings, such as the Simon Bolivar public center, the university town, Avenida Bolivar with two skyscrapers of Torrecelensio, the Square of Venezuela with the skyscraper Edifisio, as well as the museum of elegant arts and residential complexes Sero grand and gray-beam. The architectural complex of the Capitol is unique in its beauty.

There are many interesting museums, such as the Creole Museum, the Museum of Colonial Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Bolivar House-Museum of the life of Simon Bolivar for the independence of the Spanish colonies in South America, which is the main national hero of this country,.

The capital also attracts many theaters and concert halls, in which the unique Caribbean flavor is combined with the cordiality of the Spanish national sophistication. The theaters as “Ateneo” are very interesting -signed throughout the world with its non -traditional productions, “Typingo”, “Lido” and the Puppet Theater “University. And this is not the whole list of the whole variety of theatrical life of this wonderful city.

Sports number one in this country is football, so there are well -equipped stadiums here: Olympic and the Bridge Stadium. This game here is so developed that the sites and lawns for matches are of interest to many guests of the city not only with the aim of watching the match, but also to take part in this exciting team game.

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