What is the cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is considered the most common disease. Every third woman hears a similar diagnosis from her doctor. Explain in simple terms what the cervical erosion is, you can like this. This is damage to the mucous membrane, which occurs for several reasons. Namely:

• infections that are transmitted only sexually. Such infections include chlamydia

• getting injuries during childbirth

• hormonal disbalance

 • weak immunity

• inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs

As a rule, such a disease proceeds unnoticed, so every caring woman about her health should undergo a preventive examination of a gynecologist 2 times a year. But in some cases, erosion can make itself felt by pain during intercourse, clots with blood after, and in the form of heavy discharge from the genital tract. A gynecologist who prescribes colposcopy can identify erosion, that is, a thorough examination of the neck is carried out using a special optical device. In addition, all the necessary tests are taken: a piece of fabric for a biopsy and a smear for cytology.

 Such a thorough examination is carried out with the aim of excluding cancer diseases. The choice of the method of treatment of erosion depends on the reason for its formation, on the stage of development and current. .

If the cause is established, the following methods can be used:

• Cryodestruction. Freezing erosion with liquid nitrogen

• Laserocoagulation. Lower voltage laser is used here

• Chemical coagulation. .

• Diatermocoagulation. This is an effect on erosion using electric current.

• Radio wave surgery. Radio waves are used for treatment.

But here it is the main thing to remember that treatment is effective if the reason was revealed that served as erosion. . Therefore, do not delay the trip to the doctor in order to avoid more serious problems in the future.

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