How the female body changes during pregnancy

. Therefore, it is very important to nourish the body with appropriate vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. During pregnancy, food should be full and balanced so that the fetus develops correctly and does not suffer from hunger and lack of corresponding vitamins. .

The length of the fetus is the same as the growth of the child, so if a sufficient amount of vitamins do not act, then the fetal length can be much less. This may follow different deviations in the development of the skeleton of the fetus and brain, which is the most important part. At different periods of pregnancy, nutrition can affect in different ways. Also, the disadvantage and excess of nutrition adversely affects the development of the fetus. If prolonged fasting occurs, then this is where it is even worse. If for some time the body of a pregnant woman is not replenished with vitamins, then reserves are spent, but during a prolonged vote the body wear out, so to speak. .

? These are primarily proteins, fats and carbohydrates. . There is also a danger of premature birth or the occurrence of anemia in the fetus due to a certain change in blood. . It is because of the lack of such amino acids that not desirable processes and diseases develop during pregnancy.

. . .

Carbohydrates must be in the diet of a pregnant woman. According to doctors, the lack of carbohydrates leads to a decrease in blood glucose, and the catabolism of proteins in the fetus occurs and, accordingly, is not the normal development of the newborn. . .

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