How to competently plan the birth of a child in the family

. One of the most exciting issues is the birth of a child. After all, it is important that they are at will, and not the outcome of chance and negligence. The concept of family planning every year is more actively entering our lives. . For many years, understanding of the family planning was somewhat erroneous, because it was believed that it denoted a restriction regarding the fertility.  But this is not at all. Family planning was created in order to create all the necessary conditions for the birth of healthy ones, and what is important – the desired children.

It is worth noting that abortion is not the best way to adjust pregnancy. It is best to avoid this moment, as it carries your health. .  . Before choosing a particular method of contraception, you need to consult a doctor who will inform you about a possible assortment, and you can choose a more suitable option. In the event that you still got pregnant “behind the plan”, then an abortion should be done at an early date, so the risk of complication will be less.

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