Healthy nutrition during pregnancy: how affects the development of the fetus

Only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. Therefore, if you decide to plan your pregnancy, then it will not be superfluous to take care of your body. Of course, it seems to us that if nothing bothers us, then we are completely healthy. But often this is completely wrong. Having decided to get pregnant, consult a doctor in a female consultation, he must give the main recommendations on how to prepare for pregnancy. Three months before conception, give up all sorts of diets and carefully monitor your weight and nutrition. As for the nutrition, reduce the use of black tea and coffee, instead give priority to herbal teas or juices. Also begin to use vitamins, especially those that contain folic acid. You can bring to the diet and products containing this acid: cabbage, fresh herbs, carrots, legumes, nuts, nuts. By the way, it will be said that folic acid is prevention, both for your body and for the baby’s body.

. This will not only reduce weight, but relieve childbirth.

Naturally, healthy nutrition and sport are not the key to a healthy organism. Completely abandon bad habits. And this is also better to do 3 months before conception. . In addition, do not forget that bad habits negatively affect the germ cells, so the development of the baby itself. . Naturally, the use of narcotic substances leads to even greater negative consequences. Bad habits can often cause a miscarriage or complications during childbirth.

If during pregnancy planning, you are sick, then be sure to consult your doctor. In no case do not self -medicate, otherwise it will reduce and “no” all your works.


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