Belgium Country of Museums What you need to see in the country

The Belgian capital is rightfully accepted by the laurels of the city of museums. There are 90 of them here. Various directions. Museums of elegant arts, beer, comics, toys, cinema, chocolate and cocoa, natural sciences, musical instruments. A whole galaxy of historical, art.

One of the most famous European car museums is in Brussels. To visit Avtomir will be very interesting not only to passionate fans of antiquity and motorists, but also to children. After all, amazing miracle exponents and entertainment programs are part of the exposition of the Automobile Museum.

Park of the fiftieth anniversary of independence. Large covered hangar resembling garage. 450 car models. Museum collection is a car history from 1886 to date. Pre -war and rare Ford, Bentley, Bugatti. There is a car that once belonging to Kennedy and Roosevelt, members of the royal family of Belgium. A unique collection of the first service vehicles – fire and ambulance. Exclusive Museum “Automir” – three -wheeled “Messerschmidt” of 1955. And these “old people” can still move, being participants in the retro radiation, as evidenced by the index inscriptions!

By the way, once Belgium was a solid car manufacturer. Mineerva car brand was considered almost the main competitor of Rolls-Royce.

Various models of European manufacturers. Peugeot, Renault, little -known Delage. Citroen DS – Favorite cars of Fantomas and Charles de Gaulle.

“Germans”. Of course Mercedes, Opel, Adler Triumf … Everyone who watched the Caucasian captive will definitely remember this machine.

American rarities Cadillac, Chrysler. The British – Austin Swallow, ancestors of modern Jaguar and BMW.

Unique “Cabinrocks”, amphibian Amphicar, low-school Bebe Peugeot, self-playing strollers of unknown manufacturers.

Miniature copies of cars presented in the Museum can be bought in a special souvenir shop. You can’t describe everything and you will not list. It is better to see yourself!

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