How to teach a child correctly to consolidate funds

The approach of the education of the correct attitude to the money of the parent should be taken seriously. .

As the most important indicator, you should give the child the right example in spending money. The child must have his own pocket money for minor expenses, set the rule, for example, give them out once a week. . Try to introduce your child to planning the family budget, so he will learn to count on. If the child has the opportunity to earn yourself – try to support him in this. This will allow him to feel the opportunity not only to ask, but also to get a reward for what was done by himself. . . Remember that it is not worth issuing pocket money for grades or not to give out that he was guilty. You are not going to buy all his actions? At the same time, the child should have instructions that he should make just like that, without a reward, as personal duties.

A lot in raising money expenditure depends on what kind of attitude to them in the family. But let the child understand that the amount of money will not affect love for him, and relations in the family are not measured by bills.

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