What problems can have a child in kindergarten

. Will the child go to a preschool institution – his parents decide. .

. . Some brand new children who have come to kindergarten for the first time may be shy to use the toilet in another place and simply endure.

The result is the formation of constipation, first functional, and then chronic. To prevent this from happening, you need to find the right time to plant a child on a pot of at home. This can be done before going to kindergarten, after dinner or before bedtime.

With urination, problems may also arise. . From this situation the same way out – the control of this process by parents. For example, on weekends you need to plant a child on a pot every two to three hours.

. This is the norm when a child is sick up to 5-6 times a year. Thus, the child acquires immunity. . .

 . . . .

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